NGSEC was a Madrid based security company around the millenium. Amongst various security products they had 3 security quizes with easy to moderate complexity. The site went down around 2010 and I decided to resurrect quiz 1 here.

I tried to preserve the essence of the challenges. I downloaded and made the old help material available as well. I didn't really change the html structure or the CSS of the site to keep its an authentic 2000's feeling. Look at those table based layouts, image based texts, even the <map> tag is used to define clickable regions in the header.

As many years have passed, later levels became increasingly difficult, because the executables don't run on recent linux machines any more. To tackle these, arm yourself with an old linux distribution and install it in a virtual machine. A Red Hat 7.1 i386 image worked for me.

Good luck and have fun challenging.

If you have issues, found bugs or security issues with the site please contact me at